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POLDER Style Station

Art. No.: P-7050-79 (white)
Art. No.:P-7050-95 (black)

Tired of having hair dryers, curling irons and straighteners lying aorund your bathroom table or floor, risking burns from the hot appliances or tripping over the cords?

Style Station is the soloution: It has room for a hair dryer and two additional appliances like curling irons or straighteners, and features a rear bin for storing the cords.

Features and benefits:
• Rugged stainless steel and plastic construction
• Innovative and sleek design
• Stainless steel mesh for better air fl ow
• High-heat resistant silicone base pad allow hot items
to safely cool when stored
• Rear bin keeps cords neat and out of the way
• Versatile design for storage on the counter
• Rear hook for hanging on towel bars or hooks

Size: 23,5 x 14 x 24 cm
Net weight: 635 g
Colours: White or black, stainless steel
Material: ABS, stainless steel & silicone

Country of origin: PRC

This video demo is available via YouTube