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New Soda - Sinkstation

Art. No.: NS-6731-GR (green)
NS-6731-GY (grey)

Sinkstation is a revolutionary flat colander that can be used in or out of the sink. It can be used to ‘flat-wash’ food like salad, corn, herbs, berries etc. or catch peelings and waste before carrying to the trash or compost.
Sinkstation is dishwasher safe and provides a removable, washable, hygienic ‘deck’ at the bottom of the sink to keep food off the sink surface during preparation.
Sinkstation can be used out of the sink to help sweep and catch worktop waste before disposing.

Features and benefits:
• Catch peelings and other waste or ‘flat-drain’ easily damaged cooked foods like pastas and potatoes.
• Wash and prepare delicate foods like salad, mushrooms and berries – used in or out of the sink.
• Sweep and catch worktop waste.
• Easily transfer peelings and worktop waste to the trash.
• Dishwasher safe

Size: 34 x 27,5 x 4,5 cm
Net weight: 260 g
Colours: Limegreen
Material: PP

Country of origin: PRC

Sinkstation has won the "Excellence in Housewares" award 2012 ahead of other excellent nominees.
Read more about the award here.

This video demo is available via YouTube