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TEL +45 55 81 80 22
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  • Brix Design is a family-owned company, run by the brothers Christian Brix-Hansen (Harvard MBA, Civil Economist) and Joachim Brix-Hansen (Civil Economist).
  • We own two brands, BRIX and Folle, and we market these brands on a worldwide basis. In addition, we market other leading brands within the Nordic region, such as OXO and ION8.
  • Our core competence is the ability to market products that are innovative in nature and which are differentiated from the competition.

  • Brix Design is based in Stege, Denmark. Stege is the "capital" of the small island called Møn. For centuries, Stege was a centre for trade and herring fishery. Today Møn is famous for its magnificent white cliffs and sandy beaches. Also, our island is well-known for its many creative artists who have chosen to live here because of the island’s natural beauty.
  • Being located on the waterfront in Stege is ideal for us. We live and work in a very creative environment, yet we are only 15 minutes from the main highway connecting Scandinavia with continental Europe, and only 1 hour from the busy Copenhagen airport.
  • You should really come and visit our beautiful part of the world some time... Read more about Stege and Møn here.
  • Worldwide, we sell our products to leading houseware stores, department stores, design stores, gift stores, mail order catalogues, web shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets.
  • If you need help in order to find our products in your area, then please just send us a mail.