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OXO is a New York based company and works with leading American designers. The product range has received more than 30 international design awards, including the most prestigious design awards in the USA and in Germany. The OXO products are also exhibited and sold at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Even though many companies have tried to copy the OXO products, no one can match the quality and function of the original products.
OXO® is a registered trademark of Helen of Troy Limited, USA

Aerolatte is designed by the London based company Green Lane Products Ltd. Finding creative solutions to household and kitchen tasks is what they do best. They manufacture using their own tooling, working closely with partner factories to find solutions to manufacturing challenges and overseeing production quality. Their finished products are sold world-wide.
aerolatte® is a registered trademark of Green Lane Products Ltd, United Kingdom

Aermate™ Wine & Spirits Aerator provides an innovative, effective and fun way to aerate a variety of beverages. Microbubble® tip infuses tiny air bubbles into wine. It can provide aeration of a whole bottle or single glass in seconds as apposed to hours in a decanter. It is clean and simple and can aerate to your individual taste. It works on all red and white wines along with liquor and spirits. Wine Aeration has improve taste and reduces tannins, acidity and sulfides.
AERMATE™ is a registered trademark of Aermate Products LLC, USA

The GastroMax products are manufactured by the Swedish company Sveico. They have a complete range of kitchen utensils related to all aspects of food preparation. Sveico has manufactured kitchen utensils since 1914. Their choice of material takes into account the product’s function, and they invest in the production methods that are necessary in order to achieve the desired quality. Shape and colour are important ingredients.
GastroMax™ is a registered trademark of Sveico AB, Sweden


New Soda Ltd make surprise items based on a collection of bright ideas for the kitchen. New Soda is an Anglo-American based Design Company located in a historic market town west of London, with sales and customer service offices in New Jersey.

New Soda® is a registered trademark of New Soda Ltd, United Kingdom

The Nogent factory was founded in 1923 in the Champagne village of Biesles, France. An area steeped in history where the tradition of manufacturing knives has been carried out since the middle ages. The Nogent name is well respected and identified as a manufacturer of high quality products.
Nogent™ is a registered trademark of SAS Nogent***, France


Üutensil Ltd. is a London based company that simply aims to design truly innovative products that look great, are easy to use and are time efficient. So far they have designed a handful of innovative products for creative cooks, and many more products are coming in the near future. These products bring the latest advanced design ideas and technology to the kitchen. Truly innovative products designed to make cooking easy.

Üutensil™ is a registered trademark of Uutensil Ltd, United Kingdom

The WeLoc products are designed by the Swedish company Weland AB. They have 25 years experience of design and manufacturing of plastic sealers for flexible packaging. The first model was originally developed to seal liquid tight on a special plastic bag in a medical test device. Today they have more than 50 models to seal packaging, from small thin plastic bags to big sacks. We carry a wide variety of their products for everyday household use. Read more about the company history here.

WeLoc® is a registered trademark of Weland Medical AB, Sweden