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OXO is a New York based company and works with leading American designers. The product range has received more than 30 international design awards, including the most prestigious design awards in the USA and in Germany. The OXO products are also exhibited and sold at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Even though many companies have tried to copy the OXO products, no one can match the quality and function of the original products.
OXO® is a registered trademark of Helen of Troy Limited, USA





The GastroMax products are manufactured by Orthex Group. They have a complete range of kitchen utensils related to all aspects of food preparation. Their choice of material takes into account the product’s function, and they invest in the production methods that are necessary in order to achieve the desired quality. Shape and colour are important ingredients.
GastroMax™ is a registered trademark of Orthex Group, Finland


New Soda Ltd make surprise items based on a collection of bright ideas for the kitchen. New Soda is an Anglo-American based Design Company located in a historic market town west of London, with sales and customer service offices in New Jersey.
New Soda® is a registered trademark of New Soda Ltd, United Kingdom




Üutensil Ltd. is a London based company that simply aims to design truly innovative products that look great, are easy to use and are time efficient. So far they have designed a handful of innovative products for creative cooks, and many more products are coming in the near future. These products bring the latest advanced design ideas and technology to the kitchen. Truly innovative products designed to make cooking easy.

Üutensil™ is a registered trademark of Uutensil Ltd, United Kingdom