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EggChef egg tool


Art. No.: B-5611

Perfect Eggs - Boiled, Poached, Scrambled and Omelettes!

All knowledge of eggs is built into the patented EggChef. EggChef's piercer has the shape of an arrowhead, which guarantees a large and shallow hole that prevents the egg from cracking.
EggChef has also been designed for serving as a ladle, for safely lowering eggs into and taking them out of boiling water. Also as a draining spoon for lifting out poached eggs and as a
whisk for omelettes and scrambled eggs. But the applicability does not stop here. EggChef is also very suitable for sauces, stews, etc.

Financial Times - December 1998

EggChef is the tool you have always been missing. It combines the perfectionated egg piercer with a spoon and a whisk. It unites simplicity, functionality and lightness.

Why do other egg piercers fail where EggChef succeeds? The needles and pins commonly used for piercing eggs fail because they are to thin, too long and too pointed. The holes in the eggshells made by these needles are too small for letting the captured air out fast enough to avoid breaking the shells. Because the commonly used pins are too long they also make a hole in the inner membrane that surrounds the egg white. The white leaks out, clogs a hole in the shell and the eggshell breaks

Size: 25 x 5 x 4 cm
Net weight: 26 g
Colours: Black
Material:PP 6.6 (30% FG) + stainless steel

Country of origin: Sweden