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Nutshucker - Walnut Opener

Art. No.: B-5531
The Nutshucker is a unique walnut opener that really works.

A traditional Nut Cracker tends to crush the fragile walnut flesh, whereas a Nut Splitter lets you retrieve more, if not all of the kernel intact.
Simply insert the blade into the seam at the base of the walnut and twist.
Exploiting the walnuts only weakness, the shell offers little resistance and is easily opened to expose the nut inside!
With a forged stainless steel blade and ergonomic
design, Nutshuckers will split even the most tightly packed shell.
Great solution for everyone – also for women, children and other people with small hands.

Features and benefits:
• Opens walnuts easily with a single twist
• Reduced hand strain
• Retains the nut inside, without crushing the nut
• No mess from the shell
• Dishwasher safe

Size: 4,5 x 4 x 3,5 cm
Net weight: 28 g

Colours: Green, stainless steel
Material: Stainless steel, PE

Country of origin: PRC

This video demo is available via YouTube