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AERMATE Single glass wine aerator

Art. No.: AMT-101TT

With AERMATE you can infuse tiny bubbles of air into the wine, ensuring instant aeration. (The pores in the Microbubble® tip are only 1/30 the diameter of a human hair!).
AERMATE = 100% flexible aeration: You can aerate the wine just as much as it needs. Simply squeeze the pump as many times as necessary!
AERMATE’s stainless steel and high quality silicone construction show well at any setting, making it a perfect gift for both the causal drinker and the serious wine enthusiast.
AERMATE is a real conversation piece too, and each person can aerate the glass of wine to his/her individual taste.
AERMATE is unmatched in its versatility: It can aerate individual glasses of reds, whites, rosés and spirits/liquor.
NB: Wine is not the only beverage benefiting from proper aeration. Spirits/liquor aged in casks likewise open up and reach their full flavor potential when aerated.

Features & benefits
• Microbubble® tip infuses tiny air bubbles into wine
• Instantly softens tannins. No need to decant the wine or to wait for your wine to breathe
• 100% flexible: Squeeze the pump one or more times
• Aerate individual glasses to your own taste
• Also great for spirits/liquor
• Simple to use and easy to clean
• Comes in a nice packaging
• Travel holster included

Size: 25 x 14,5 x 6 cm
Net weight: 138 g

Colours: Black, stainless steel
Material: Stainless steel, silicone

Country of origin: PRC

This video demo is available via YouTube