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New Soda - Big Fork

Art. No.: NS-6751-GR (green)
Art. No.: NS-6751-GY (grey)

We love kitchen gadgets. We have lots of kitchen gadgets and utensils. So why do we always find ourselves cooking with a small fork?

Big Fork is an 27 cm giant cooking and serving fork perfect for use as a turner, but with just-sharp-enough ‘prongs’ to grab and flip steaks, turn roasts and generally move stuff around when cooking.

Features and benefits:
• Cooking and turning steaks & fish
• Serving spaghetti and salad
• Carving and lifting roasted meats
• For serving at the dining table
• Full tang stainless steel for perfect balance

Buy two and you have the perfect salad servers or roast meat lifters. They look great at the table for serving from platters or buffets and we are yet to find a better way of removing a baked potato from the oven or serving spaghetti.

Size: 27 x 7 x 2 cm
Net weight: 170 g
Colour: Green or Grey
Material: Stainless steel & Silicone

Country of origin: PRC

This video demo is available via YouTube