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ZipZicle - Ice Pop Pouches

Art. No.: M-6953-18 (bags of 18 pcs.)

Both children and adults love homemade ice pops and with Zipzicle pouches it is easy to make homemade, healthy ice pops with your own ingredients.

With safety in mind, Zipzicle pouches are made from BPA free high quality freezer-grade material – strong and durable, but still soft on mouths. Side seals are reinforced to prevent splitting. There are no sticks or small parts which can get lost, making Zipzicle pouches both portable and convenient.

Features and benefits:
• Perfect for making homemade, healthy ice pops
• Perfect for kids, families & parties
• No small parts (sticks, lids, etc.), which can get lost
• BPA free

The pouches can be reused, but it depends on the handling, content, temperature, etc., and multiple uses can therefore not be guaranteed.

Size: 7 x 29,5 x 1 cm (bag of 18 pcs.)
Net weight: 35 g (bag of 18 pcs.)
Colours: Transparent
Material: PE, nylon

Country of origin: PRC

This video demo is available via YouTube