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OXO Multi-Unit Measurement Cup - 1.0L

Art. No.: X-11213700

For Good Measure: An innovative spin on traditional measurement jugs

Our Multi-Unit Measurement Cup is an innovative spin on traditional measurement jugs. Rotate the removable plastic sleeve to view one measurement at a time, making measuring multiple ingredients quick and easy.

Perfect for liquid or dry ingredients the Jug has metric and imperial measurement markings and markings for kitchen staples including milk, oil, sugar, brown sugar, rice, oats, beans, water, and flour. The generous size accommodates immersion blenders and hand mixers. With a drip-free spout and balanced handle for precise pouring, the dishwasher-safe Jug and rotating sleeve come apart for easy cleaning.

Features and benefits:
• Silhouette and capacity perfect for immersion blending or hand mixing
• Rotating plastic sleeve allows users to limit view to one measurement at a time
• Spout for precise pouring
• Handle to aid when pouring, and help the user secure the vessel while mixing
• Body made of durable Tritan
• 4 Cup / 960 mL capacity
• Dishwasher safe

Size: 19 x 18 x 12 cm
Net weight: 395 g
Colour: Transparent body and grey cover

Country of origin: PRC