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New Soda - Spoon Ups

Art. No.: NS-6773

Wooden spoon rests

Nothing beats a classic round handled wooden spoon for stirring the pot.

Spoon Ups retro-fit your favorite round handled spoon and provide a little rest that lifts the stirring end above the worktop. Free up space taken by traditional spoon dishes and improve hygiene.

With a sharp tap of the spoon on the pan before putting it down, Spoon Ups keep your kitchen top free from mess.

You can slide the ‘spoon up’ out of the way before stirring a deeper pan or move it to the handle end to hook over the side and stop the spoon from falling into the food.

Upcycle your favourite old wooden spoon!

Features and benefits:
• Upcycling your favorite wooden spoon
• Floats spoon above worktop
• Improves cleanliness and hygiene
• Twist and slide onto spoon handle
• Twist and slide to take off
• Slide back ‘spoon up’ to stir pot
• Fits classic round handled spoons
• BPA free
• Dishwasher safe

Size: 21 x 14 x 2 cm
Net weight: 67 g
Colour: Red, green, yellow and purple
Material: Silicone

Country of origin: PRC