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New Soda - Just So

Art. No.: NS-6793

Rice and spaghetti measure

Why do we still cook too much rice and too much spaghetti? It’s enough – you know it’s enough, but it just doesn’t look very much in the pan, so you add a little bit more and some more for luck...

Just So is a simple, non-calibrated, measure for a single portion of rice in the bowl and a single generous portion of spaghetti through the hole. As you get to know your measure – add a little more or a little less depending on the dish you are preparing.

If you don’t like waste, you’re on a ‘carb control’ diet, or you’re watching your portion sizes for health reasons – Just So will keep you on the right track.

Features and benefits:
• Measures rice to 100g / 3.05oz / 1/2 cup to the fill line
• Measures spaghetti to 120g / 4.05oz through hole
• Rubber non-slip base
• Weighted base for stability
• Nesting design easy to store
• Portion and carb control
• BPA Free
• Food-safe
• Dishwasher safe

Size: 9,5 x 13 x 9,5 cm
Net weight: 62 g
Colour: White, red or green
Material: ABS & TPR

Country of origin: PRC