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WaterTracker Mix, Navy Blue

Art. No.: B-6235-NB

Perfect for mixing protein shakes, etc. with the easy to insert and remove screen.
Wide bottle mouth makes filling and cleaning super easy. Small spout is perfect for drinking.
Engineered to be leak-proof, even upside-down in your back pack or gym bag. Travel with confidence.
WaterTracker’s patented 3-click TrackerCap empowers and inspires you to get the amount of water you need to stay at the top of your game.
Textured geometric side grips, coupled with its ergonomic lines, help you get and keep a handle on things, especially when you are shaking things up. The tether makes carrying, hanging and storing easy.
Manufactured from the highest quality materials. WaterTrackerMix is BPA, Phthalate and Heavy Metal FREE.

Features and benefits:
• Leak-proof cap
• Removable screen, perfect when mixing protein shakes, etc. - and for easy cleaning
• Dual cap design - Large cap for filling/cleaning, small cap for drinking
• Built in counter (to track your water consumption)
• Tritan™ is 100% free from Bisphenol-A, PVC, heavy metals and phthalates.
• Dishwasher Durable – Not just dishwasher-safe, but will stay clear and tough even over hundreds of cycles.
• Temperature-resistant – Can contain hot liquids at temperatures up to the boiling point. Can also be used in cold temperatures and is freezer-safe.
• Odor-, Taste- and Stain-resistant.

Size: Ø 9 x 21 cm
Net weight: 166 g
Capacity: 0,75 L
Material: Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, PP, silicone sealing

Country of origin: PRC