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OXO Grilling Tongs & Turner

Art. No.: X-11309000, X-11309100, X-11320200

The Grilling Turner and Tongs are the perfect duo for any grilling task. The turner features a double-bend design for leverage while flipping and non-slip grips for a comfortable grip. The tongs feature a scalloped edge for gripping food for turning and feature a built-in bottle opener for convenient use while cooking.

Features and benefits:
• Tongs are perfect for turner meats and veggies on the grill
• Turner is perfect for flipping burgers and fish
• Tongs have scalloped heads hold onto food
• Tongs have built in bottle opener
• Sleek brushed stainless-steel handle features soft grip accents for added comfort
• Generous ring allows you to hang these near the grill
• Dishwasher safe

Art. No.: X-11309000
Description: Grilling Tongs
Size: X x X x X cm
Net weight: XX g

Art. No.: X-11309100
Description: Grilling Turner
Size: X x X x X cm
Net weight: XX g

Art. No.: X-11320200
Description: Grilling Tongs & Turner Set
Size: X x X x X cm
Net weight: XX g

Material: Stainl. steel, Elastron, PA (Tongs), PP (Turner)

Country of origin: PRC