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The JarKey® (or JarPop) is an original and design awarded jar opener that opens jars, not by twisting the lid, but by lifting the edge of it, so that the vacuum inside is released. When the vacuum is released, it is easy to unscrew the lid.

JarKey® is a registered trademark of Brix Design A/S, Denmark


Daily Mail "...Gently levering the JarKey against the rim of the lid releases the vacuum inside the jar, taking all of the hard work out of twisting off the lid!"
Comsumer Reports "...The JarPop earned an excellent score for ease of use, better than the others!"
Chicago Tribune "...The JarPop Makes it much easier to open a screw-top jar by lifting the lid slightly to break vacuum seal... The lid now is a quick spin to freedom!"
Disabled Living Centres Council "...Required very little effort by the user and performed excellently for releasing a variety of jar lids!"
ICA "...A much better invention than the older types where you need big hands if the lids are big. Here the lid size does not matter, even if you have weak hands!"
Gigtforeningen "...Is good holding on for hands with rheumatism. Its easy opening jars, when you have removed the wacuum with the help of JarKey!"
Lakeland Ours Works!
"Over the years I've bought several gadgets which were supposed to make it easy to remove lids from jars - they were all useless and ended up in the bin. But I recently bought a JarKey and found it worked. Congratulations to the inventor - it's brilliant!" Miss A Tidey, Basildon