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ROME kitchen roll holder

Art. No.: B-7211

Rome - The new kitchen classic!

This ingenious patented kitchen roll holder comes in a variety of bright and beautiful colours as well as a classic and stylish black or grey version.

Matches every kitchen. Portable and therefore ideal for picnics.

Inspired by Roman architecture such as the Colosseum.

The handle makes Rome easy to transport and it prevents the paper from unrolling.

Rome is hygienic to use due to the little stopper on top which can be used to hold the paper tight when pulling off a piece of paper.

The kitchen roll is easily mounted on Rome. Fits most paper towel rolls (up to height of 23 cm)
B-7211-B (solid blue)
B-7211-BK (solid black)
B-7211-DG (solid dark grey)
B-7211-W (solid white)
B-7211-Y (solid yellow)
B-7221-TB (transparent blue)
B-7221-TR (transparent red)

Size: 32 x 15 x 15 cm
Net weight: 240 g
Colours: White, blue, yellow, grey and black + transparent red & blue

Country of origin: PRC