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The unique WeLoc closure was born as result of a meeting between a patient, gravely ill from cancer, and his doctor who had new product ideas. In 1983 the cancer patient Åke Welandson met doctor Ingemar Näslund, senior physician and associate professor at Radiumhemmet in the Karolinska hospital.

The brothers Åke and Gösta Welandson, the owner of the family company Weland AB founded by their father Weland Anderson already in 1947, offered doctor Ingemar Näslund to become their partner in a newly founded company named Weland Medical AB.

The WeLoc closure was developed for liquid tight sealing of a special bag in a test device for early detection of urinary bladder cancer. Today there are more than 50 WeLoc models in different sizes, for sealing and reclosing of flexible packages all around. It is sold all over the world, under the names WeLoc, CLIP-it and Klippit.

Very soon after the establishment of Weland Medical AB, Weland bought the tool-producing company Makeni AB, to fulfil the product ideas within Weland Medical AB. Both sister companies have moved a couple of times within the facilities of Weland to finally end up in their own spacious facility in Smålandsstenar. Makeni is today a complete and highly skilled company within injection moulding. As well as producing WeLoc closures and their own products like rollators, they are big suppliers to the automotive industry to name one.

Åke Welandson unfortunately died from his cancer but his brother Gösta Welandson is still an active owner and leader of the steady growing Weland Group with today more than 900 employed and a turnover exceeding 200 million €.