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Steak Knife, 12 cm

Art. No.: N-6007U

The Nogent Profile range is designed by the famous English designer Sebastian Conran. The Nogent Profile range is unique, distinct, high quality, ergonomic, lightweight and functional with a contemporary design.

The exclusive handle is ergonomically designed in white polyamide with a hardwood insert of solid walnut.

The secret of the Affidenté® technology is the micro-serration which requires no sharpening – with 4 tiny teeth per mm of blade, the serration is almost invisible to the naked eye and delivers superior slicing with a high level of control. The knives are incredibly sharp, enabling the user to cut and slice effortlessly and safely.

Each blade is manufactured from high quality, carbon molybdenum stainless steel which is tempered to a Rockwell hardness of between 56 and 58 HRC.

Features and benefits:
- The Profile range is designed by the famous English designer Sebastian Conran.
- Nogent is unique patented knives manufactured
in France since 1923.
- All Nogent Profile knives have a unique micro-
serrated blade with 4 teeth per mm. This special
micro-serration is designed never to be
- Very hard stainless steel blade with a high
content of carbon and molybdenum. Rockwell
hardness of 56-58 HRC.
- The handle is moulded to the blade and is
guaranteed not to come off.
- Each knife comes in a exclusive giftbox.

Size: 29 x 8 x 3,5 cm
Net weight: 120 g

Colours: White, walnut and stainless steel
Material: Polyamide, solid walnut wood and stainless steel

Country of origin: France