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OXO Chef's Mandoline

Art. No.:

OXO‘s stainless steel Chef’s Mandoline Slicer makes it easy to slice with absolute precision. A uniquely shaped ruffle blade joins straight, serrated and crinkle blades to slice thin cucumbers, thick onion rings and anything in between, with a turn of the soft dial.
Thin and thick julienne blades make terrific French fries, carrot sticks and garnishes. The Mandoline’s soft handle, positioned lower than the Mandoline runway, ensures a comfortable grip and keeps hands out of the way. Nonslip feet keep it stable, and the large food holder keeps food in place while protecting fingers. All blades are easily removable for cleaning, come with safety covers and can store on board. Legs fold compactly for storage.

Features and benefits:
• Makes straight, crinkle cut and waffle cut slices in a wide range of thicknesses
• Makes thin julienne strips and French fries
• Straight blade easily cuts through firm fruits and
vegetables like potatoes and apples
• Serrated blade glides through soft foods like tomatoes, hollow foods like peppers and layered foods like onions
• Soft, easy-turn dial for selecting slice thickness or thin or thick julienne strips
• Unused side of blade is hidden for safety
• Julienne blades safely covered when not in use
• Hardened stainless steel slicing blades
• All blades easily removable for cleaning
• Textured stainless steel runway prevents food from sticking
• Legs fold inside the body for compact storage
• Non-slip feet are set wide apart for stability
• Large safety guard holds food securely and protects fingers
• Mandoline body and food holder are top rack
dishwasher safe

Size: 45 x 20 x 13 cm
Net weight: 1,200 g
Colour: Black and stainless steel
Material: ABS, Stainless steel, acetal, PP, Santoprene

Country of origin: PRC

Instructions (DK-SE-FI)
Instructions (UK-FR-ES-DE)

This video demo is available via YouTube