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Slice Solutions Brownie Pan

Art. No.:

The secret to perfect brownies is the Slice Solutions Brownie Pan. This one-of-a-kind pan uses an ingenious metal divider to pre-slice brownies as they bake. Simply pour batter into the pan, insert the divider, bake and serve. Thanks to the metal divider, each brownie can be customized with nuts, candies, and any other toppings! The versatile pan is also ideal for making many other baked treats.
The Slice Solutions Brownie Pan is part of the top-of-the line Chicago Metallic Bakeware. The Chicago Metallic products are non-stick for effortless clean up every time.

Features & benefits
• 3 piece set makes 12 perfectly sliced brownies
• No need to use a knife
• Simply pour batter into pan, insert the divider, bake and serve
• Customize each piece with nuts, candies or any other toppings desired
• Also great for many other baked treats, lasagna etc.
• Non-stick
• Dishwasher Safe
• 25 years limited warranty

Size: 23 x 23 x 7 cm
Net weight: 978 g
Colour: Grey
Material: Carbon steel

Country of origin: PRC